Lifestyle is not just a style.

This day was everything I love about lifestyle sessions! We wandered around through the woods and up the beach as the kids played and mom interacted with them just as she would... being mom! Lifestyle is defined as a type of documentary photography, and I feel like that's just not enough to describe it. Lifestyle is not just a style of photography but to me is like a powerful emotion. That candid laughter and love in the exact moment it is felt between mother and child or between couples. It's when you ask to see the cool rock this little boy finds and he holds it out to show you for a split second and hopefully you get that perfect shot. It's when the kids want to climb the tree, so the parent reaches out to hold onto that one leg for stability. It's mom watching her boys stumble over the rocky seashore, or mom walking up a boardwalk while the kids go on their journey or ninja mission in the background. Lifestyle photography is so much more than documenting events; it's about really capturing those true emotions in those moments that we so often take for granted.