From what to wear to your session to what time to show up, this page will help to answer all your basic questions! Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to send me a message any time, and I'll get back to you right away.

So Many Questions!

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How long have you been in business?

I started my own photography business in January 2021, and I have 2 years previous portrait photography experience!

Why should we book you?

Well, first off, I am a lady with goals and aspirations to build a business of my own and to someday afford to buy a house and live (as close as possible to) debt free! And I also find SO much joy in capturing those intimate moments between couples and families, I just can't even put it into words how special each photo is to me. I walk away from every session feeling so refreshed and overcome with gratitude, it just truly makes my soul happy! Does that answer your question?

How far are you willing to travel?

I'm currently willing to travel up to 300 miles from my home in Snohomish County, WA for weddings and Elopements. If my car can get me there, I'll be there!

Do you charge for distance/mileage?

Yes, I do. Because a lot of our destinations are so far from my home, it does come as an expense for me to travel (as I'm sure it is for you as well).

What time should I arrive to my session?

Family & Engagement sessions, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to our scheduled time. That way we have time to get acquainted, the kids have time to run around, etc. For adventure sessions and elopements, I always plan on being at the trailhead or destination at least 30 minutes to an hour prior to planned start time to give leeway for anything to go sideways. You just never know!

What should I wear to my session?

Honestly? Anything you are comfortable in! Okay okay, let's set some ground rules. Some photographers are real sticklers about what to wear and what not to wear. But what it comes down to is, what's your style? What represents you, who you are? My only recommendations are this: no words on clothing (shirts with phrases), no sweats, don't wear overly baggy or tight clothing, and don't try to make everybody match (ie: not all shades of black are the same, or too much of the same flannel and it's an optical illusion where one body ends and another begins). Planning an elopement and need more advice? Message me!

Where is the best place for my session?

If you're looking for a lifestyle session, there are tons of beautiful beaches and grassy areas nearby that are fantastic for photoshoots! For adventure sessions, it's game on! There are so many locations in Washington State, where do I even start? Depending on how far you're willing to travel and the time of year, adventure sessions can range from the North Cascades National Park mountain views and lakes to the Olympic National Park colorful beaches and mossy rainforest. There is so much to choose from!

Where should we elope?

That's really the question, isn't it? You've made the decision to elope, but where is that perfect location to share your vows? Lucky for you, Washington State has a vast selection of views to choose from ranging from mountain ranges and cascading waterfalls to mossy rainforests and gorgeous beaches. Send me a message, and we'll talk about what is the best choice for you and your partner!

I noticed you are sober, are you okay with alcohol being present?

Absolutely! I have been clean & sober for many years now, and having alcohol around is definitely a normal thing for me! I've worked in a bar as well as attended and photographed several events that included alcohol. Party on!