“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

About Amy

Hey everyone! My name is Amy RaeAnn, and I am the soul behind RaeAnn Wanders! Photography has always held a place in my life, as my mom always carried a camera with us everywhere we went and constantly made me stick my nose in flowers or sit in window sills for those precious shots. But I'm gonna get very real here and say as I got older, my vision for my future did not portray photography.

As Television spotlighted shows such as CSI and Law & Order, much like many others, crime became my passion. But around age 14, a severe depression hit, and my life went up in disarray. I'll spare you the sad details, but what should have been 8 years of high school and college cheerleading and marching band (yes, I played the clarinet) turned into 10 years of hardcore drug abuse and alcoholism.

My Clean Date is January 21, 2015

She said she could, so she did.

It was then, right around the time that I got clean that I found it. My passion. So I broke the bank a little and bought my very first DSLR Camera, and I played around for a few years. Mostly, I'll be honest, I just photographed animals at the zoo or my Goddaughters at Christmas time (I now have 4!).

It wasn't until I had this amazing opportunity to photograph a wedding and some portraits that I realized...I'm all in! Photography is it for me.

Onto a Different Path

Why Lifestyle & Elopements?

Along with spending a couple years shooting portraits, I spent some time up in the trails of Washington State exploring what there is to offer in the way of natural beauty. And let me tell you, there is a LOT! And what I found is that my passion lies not just within the walls of venues, but where the sun reaches the peaks and creates a pinkish glow like nothing else you've ever seen before, and the moss on the trees sets the mood for you without asking.

When it comes down to it, I'm just all about natural. I love the feel of candid between families and couples, and I want to bring out the true love and bond amongst people in their images. Otherwise, why are they getting photos? You ever see portraits of people where their arms are crossed, and everyone looks super awkward? Let's not do that. I'm all about having fun and being adventurous while taking photos.

Long story short.

This is me. I'm a natural, this is how it is photographer that just wants to have a good time together and take some amazing images in the process. I'm also definitely a cat mom of 2, Dexter and Rupy, and I love to talk about them like they're my children. And I have a little leopard gecko named Leonard because obviously what else would you name a gecko? So what do you say, feel like we could be a great fit? Shoot me a message!